Francois' passion is all about Yachting. Raised on the shore of the St-Lawrence River near Montéal Québec, Canada, he has been boating since the age of 6. Francois is licensed skipper with 25 years of experience in sailing and motor boating. On the water, Francois has developed a keen sense of what to expect. 

Whatever your choice of destination, your stay aboard M/V Bonaparte will be memorable. Francois is an experience skipper who likes adventure and fun. Annette is a gourmet cook and our menu is designed around classic dishes that we create from fresh ingredients and is tailored to your taste.

This wonderful Yacht experience is beyond words in how great a time we had. Thank you Francois and Annette for the best part of our Bahama trip. We were 10 ladies that are probably the best judge of what a great time is and hands down you win with all of us. The steaks and lobster were amazing and the rum cake was to die for. So not only was it the best time we had but the food was also the best we had while we were in Bahamas. Thank you for the wonderful service and overall best experience on a yacht we've ever had. The Bonaparte is a beautiful yacht and we thank you for sharing it with us. 

Teresa Flurry Avery​

Thank you so much for a lovely dinner cruise! I was one of the 10 ladies you treated like Queens on your beautiful yacht! The food was divine and next time we are back in the Bahamas, we will definitely do it again! Merry Christmas to you both and God Bless You!

Francois and Annette​

We take good care of our guest!

The most wonderful and welcoming couple, Annette and Francois are the captain and Chef /mate aboard Bonaparte. Together with the help of a deck hand/ steward they are an enthusiastic team who's first priority is to create a wonderful atmosphere for their guests. 

It's all about you and a wonderful time on the water

Annette was introduce to cruising when she met Francois 15 years ago. Shortly after, they embarked on a year long sailing trip along the US east coast and to the Bahamas. During this trip, she developed wonderful skills as mate, hostess and chef. Trained as an educator for children with special needs she was tremendously successful in her field and appreciated by parents and children. Annette enjoys catering to people needs and is very attentive to details. Discrete and efficient, she understands the non verbal language of her guests which help us respond to your needs and desires before you even know about them! Annette brings a unique sense of hospitality aboard M/V Bonaparte.


 Francois excels in boat handling, navigation, maintenance and repair of equipment and is a skillfull organizer of cruising expedition. He is a mechanical engineer who graduated from McGill University and founded a successful consulting engineering firm. He is also the father of two grown up children, so indeed, we welcome families!